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Mahalakshmi pooja kolam

Mahalakshmi  kolam
How to do Mahalakshmi pooja
Varalakshmi viradham pooja will comes on aug this year 2015 28th Friday 2015 it comes.
Step 1 on Wednesday morning tie yellow thread in your right hand. If lakshmi face is there keep in turmeric water on Wednesday and u should take on morning Friday then u should abhishekam that 3rd day still that lakshmi face should in turmeric water.

Seond step – Thursday morning clean the house, and pooja room, before 4 pm, take one kalasham pot pore water,little milk,honey,big salt lemon,turmeric and kumkum and 3 coins and jasmine flower and keep side and one coconut mango leaf clean the coconut keep turmeric and kumkum. In pooja room keep one banana leaf put some rice and jiggery garuka,jadhika,masika,lavakam,lemon , after that take kalasham pot keep mango leaf and coconut tell mahalakshmi vara vara varaha and take kalasham in one plate , and take that kalasham stand entrance and ask some one to take magaala arathi and come inside and keep in that banana leaf. And then lamp it 2 mud lamp infront of kalasham and keep glass of milk to mahalakshmi kalasham.

Someone keeps face, Friday morning take that lakshmi face and do abhishekam milk/curd/sandal,turmeric/kumkum/honey/vibhuthi/panchamurdham/sugar/and at last paneer/coconut water then show magalarathi and clean in water wipe in cloth, and then do alakaram to mahalakshmi .
After keep in white mud pot full of salf,7mukha rudraksham /coin/lemon/jasmne flower
And in one plate keep 5 glass of dhanyam rice/dal/sugar/salt/coins,gold jewel items/

And presadham 5 verity , lemon rice /tomoto rice/puliyograya/curd rice/sweet pongal and kara pongal
And in one plate all snacks items
And in one plate bangles,coconut,turmeric kumkum,sticker,mirror,kajal,turmeric stick.saree one blouse this is lakshmi amma varusai. U should not give anyone after pooja u can wear it and use the items.
And u have to get ready in patu saree, keep flower and apply light turmeric in face keep kumkum and start pooja.

And do archana turmeric rice and jasmine 108 times lakshmi name
In one betal leaf keep turmeric ganesha or idols first do pooja for idols and next do pooja for Vishnu and show magala arathi to mahalakshmi.
Evening 6.30 keep two deepam in entrance twoside in one banana leaf keep all presadham little little and keep in entrance of door right corner and show magalarthi for mudevi. She will be sitting in that place when v do lakshmi pooja she will wait whether they are calling me or not because she is giving us nice sleep. Always in entrance of door mudevi will be sitting that’s y in olden days elders tells don’t stamp and stand in door entrance.

Get one old plate keep neem stick,peepal stick ,mango stick and homom powder,little ghee,and sambrani powder lamp it karpuram after show all the places kitchen,pooja room,bed room,hall room ,office room study room entrance show complet keep it in side.
U completed lakshmi pooja

And next 3rd day show arathi early 5 am pray to god what ever u need , by next yrs my life should change happly pray well and show arathi , shake kalasham so u completed varalakshmi nobhu.
This is the way of varalakshmi viradham pooja
Do it mahalakshmi will entrance in house god bless u all, happy maha lakshmi pooja.

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