peacock rangoli

peacock rangoli

The purpose of rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck ….Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It is usually drawn by Indian women in front of their doors or gates. Although the basic color of rangoli is white (known as “chirodi’), it is dyed different colors creating an attractive, multi-colored design.Rangoli is also created using coloured rice, dry flour, flower petals, turmeric (haldi), Vermillion (Sindoor) and coloured sand. The patterns include the face of Hindu deities, geometric shapes peacock motifs and round floral designs. Many of these motifs are traditional and are handed down by the previous generations. This makes rangoli representation of India‚Äôs rich heritage and the fact that it is a land of festivals and colour.

Inner peacock green then pink,orange, violet and its totally freehand designed kolam with colourfulpeacock rangoli



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