sikku-kolam-with-dots 708

sikku-kolam design with   step by step procedure  for your comfortable   I am sharing  many step by step kolam design on this site ( . If you love this type of doted kolam design and if you like these doted  kolam designs, please share it with your friends. Here I am share one best dot sikku kolam design step by steps with you………

sikku-kolam-with-dots Step 1

10 dots  4 times and end with four dotssikku-kolam-with-dots-1 Step 2sikku-kolam-with-dots-2 Step 3sikku-kolam-with-dots-3 Step 4sikku-kolam-with-dots-4 Step 5sikku-kolam-with-dots-5 Step 6sikku-kolam-with-dots-6 Step 7sikku-kolam-with-dots-7Step 8



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