Margazhi Pulli kolam 15-8


15 pulli 8 santhu pulli flower  kolam

First i have  putted middle flower, count the middle dot and start from the middle dot…

  • 15-8 pullikolamStep2

First put middle flower ,then  cover all side like  bellow picture


I15-8 pullikolamStep3

  • Now i completed the flower and i have given some example  to  do this kolam…you can capture from this below picture….15-8 pullikolam


Now i have taken outer design

I kept the dots  all the six  sides and i bend the curve  in between the dots and i completed six  sides

After completing six sides we have to center it each side to put a flower as i shown in the below picture…

15-8 pullikolam



Now i completed with different colours

15-8 pullikolam




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